Liquid Pre Workout - Muscle Nectar
Liquid Pre Workout - Muscle Nectar
Liquid Pre Workout - Muscle Nectar
Liquid Pre Workout - Muscle Nectar

Liquid Pre Workout

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Weight:500ml - 25 Servings

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It is a high potency formula, the formula is based solely on cutting-edge ingredients. It’s time to give your workout that real boost of energy and focus you’ve been looking for. Our most-explosive blend of caffeine, beta-alanine and l-arginine has been created specially to push your performance. It also contains l-citrulline which are designed to raise your game.
✅ MuscleNectar Pre-Workout is a liquid mix that boosts your workout performance with a unique blend of Caffeine, Citrulline and others.
✅ Scientifically researched dosage of 300 mg Caffeine per serving improves mental focus & workout intensity.
✅ No hidden ingredients or banned substances.
✅ NO ADDED SUGAR OR COLOUR - MuscleNectar (MN) PreWorkout contains no added sugar & colour for calorie conscious to eliminate extra calories from diet.
✅ Intense, focused energy and improved energy expenditure.

Customer Reviews

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Aman Singh

Please include a measuring cap as well

Fantastic pre- workout.

I have ordered this second time, before I have used many other pre-workout , buth thsy had some many problems , but Muscle necter is outstanding and has more longitivity.

Firdaus Photographer
Amazing product

Take this for extra boost when you have pushed out max without any supplements. Awesome product.

Vicky Ahir
Best pre workout

Amezing pre workout.

Abhinav Ashish
Go for it!

Excellent pre workout. Should include a 20ml bottle cup for good measuring.

Superb product

I am ordering it 2nd time as this product is really good and better than others in market

Best budget

Best budget friendly pre workout. Gets the job done

Parth Gairola
Decent pre workout

As far as efficacy goes it's good. However there are some convenience factos. I understand why MN went with a liquid formula - no problem of lumps, easy mixability etc however measuring 1 serving ie 20 ml can be a task. The company should mention in the lebel as to how one can ascertain the serving amount as there is no scoop. Best would be that they provide graduated markings in the bottle cap itself. That way user can know how much to take hastke free.
Other than that i have no problems with the product.

Muscle Nectar, Liquid Pre-workout

Its really a great PRE WORKOUT under ₹900, does as claimed, THANK YOU MUSCLENECTAR for providing us this endurance packed drink...