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  • Shweta Mehta Athlete, Actor & MTV Roadies Rising Winner

    With the variety of flavors I never get bored!! They all taste great and mix easily with anything from water to milk! And the unflavoured one goes in my cooking skills. Protein intake is as important as sweating out in the gym. My current go to for post workout is 1 scoop of the new peach flavor with 2 spoon coconut oil.

  • Viraj Sarmalkar Celebrity Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder

    As far as supplements go I am not a big fan of them but from the time I was introduced to Muscle Nectar products, I was impressed by them. I Viraj Sarmalkar aged 45yrs old, am a personal trainer by profession for over 25yrs. Age has surely caught up with me, and my recovery after my workouts too was getting poor, this in spite of my proper nutrition support. That’s when I came across collagen - Collagen by Muscle Nectar. I sort of replaced whey with collagen for the first time, then I started adding whey isolate to this fabulous product again from Muscle Nectar and got best of both whey and collagen, as everyone knows that collagen is not a complete protein source for muscle building but has better and more benefits than whey! Since then I have been adding collagen in my daily intake for more than a year now, the results are phenomenal. I have seen my skin get tighter, recovery is better and also feel better on the joints. The other two products from Muscle Nectar i.e. glutamine and bcaas- the quality and standard are excellent. Not to miss the packaging is top class and very good! I highly recommend the above products as I am currently using them all and had done so too during my contest prep.

  • Sakshi Mittal Athlete

    I've had an obsession with fitness for over 10 years now - graduating from mindless hours of cardio and restricted dieting patterns to finally falling in love with Strength Training and fueling my body with quality foods. In the past 2 years - if there is one thing i've come to realize is that - no matter how intense your workout is for those 2 hours in the gym, if you don't fuel your body correctly in the remaining 22 hours - you might end up doing more harm than good. That is exactly what Muscle Nectar has given me - 'Top Notch Fuel'.

    Now, don't get me wrong - I eat all those whole vegetables, fruits, grains, protein sources; take those multivitamin supplements - but given the intensity of my workouts and my fitness goals - there comes an inherent need to supplement the diet for better recovery. Given the state of Indian Fitness industry, I have been very skeptical of the quality of the Indian supplements available in the market; and for the longest time I stuck to buying international brands - which come at a hefty price and are not available easily. 

    I got introduced to Muscle Nectar last year when I was preparing for my competition and I placed my first order with them for Collagen and Glutamine. I was blown away by the quality of the supplements. I felt an immediate improvement in Muscle growth and Recovery. Muscle Nectar has been my 'trusted' brand ever since. The quality and the packaging of their supplements in unlike anything I've witnessed in the market; and for the quality they offer - their reasonable pricing is like the cherry on top.

    Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or just starting your fitness journey - I highly recommend MN if you are looking to 'invest' your money in a trustworthy brand.


    The fever of “BEING FIT” is a new wave and this wave is not just important but an ultimate need. Good health and being fit is extremely important for me; I am thankful to musclenectar for being a constant pillar towards maintaining and sharpening my bent towards my fitness regime. I have been using MN’s products for the last few months now and would like to admit that their products are an absolute miracle. My most favorite picks of their product range are Peanut Butter, Strawberry Blast Whey Protein Powder and Chocolate Cream Flavor. Should one be looking for a brand that perfectly can suffice their supplement needs, I would recommend them to opt for musclenectar. It is time for us to “put ourselves at the top of our to-do list, every single day, to ensure that the rest falls into place”.

  • Yug Verma INFS, ACE certified PT/Coach

    "FAITH" is what is lacking in todays supplement industry. And FAITH is exactly what I got from MN. Never had to worry about quality of ingredients or formulation. 

  • Mahesh Ajay Shelat Personal Trainer

    As a personal trainer, I was always skeptical about Indian brands present in the supplement market and their efficacy and quality. Hence always used to buy imported supplements which also used to come with a hefty price.

    Muscle nectar has completely changed this scenario by offering great quality supplements at really affordable prices straight to my doorstep. The packaging is top notch which I haven't seen on any international product till date. All the products are result oriented and great tasting. Thank you MN for doing such a wonderful job. 

  • Rajeshree Pai Housewife

    "Being fit" is way of my life or u can say its lifestyle. As we say, educated woman educates entire family in same way fit woman makes entire family healthy n fit. I am 42 years, mother of 12 year child working out from past 10 years. I used different imported brands of protein collagen n glutamine.

    Six months back I heard about Muscle Nectar, which is our own Indian brand giving me best quality of isolates which mixes with water very easily n great taste too.

    Adding collagen n glutamine of same brand in isolates which makes complete muscle recovery meal after workout. This meal u can say " anti aging meal" which is taking care of joints skin n hair.

    Thank you Muscle Nectar for wonderful products!

  • Priyank Sharma Actor

    This product is #1 in the industry for a reason! With all the different flavor options, you will never get bored with protein shakes. The powder mixes well and is great for pre-workout, post-workout,  or any time of day that you need to get some extra protein in. Have been using it from last 7 months and results are more than expected and whenever I'm travelling I prefer to carry certain stocks and the best part is, it comes in bag instead of rigid shape jar and fits well on the go!

  • Divya Agarwal Actor

    Being a newbie in the world of gym I was very unsure about the protein intake.. many suggestions and trials came across.. but then Muscle Nectar Whey is the best one .. the flavours are amazing I actually wait for mine to finish so that I try the new one..

  • Bhavik Thakkar Entrepreneur

    I am into fitness since 7 years and i was bored using same brand and chocolate flavour then my friend asked me to give it a try to MuscleNectar and I was amazed seeing their so many varieties of flavour and every each of them tastes amazing and product quality you can’t doubt on that one either.

  • Shweta Gulati Actor

    Being fit requires a decent amount of dedication not only to training but also nutrition and more importantly, supplementation and being an actor, sometimes supplements are the only saviour. Muscle nectar knows exactly how to take care of the supplement needs. Number one thing about MN is their commitment and consistency to quality standards. Been using the Glutamine and Casein specifically to meet my daily macro requirements and to help with recovery. The new cutting edge packaging to maintain efficacy is something seen never before.