Muscle Nectar Reviews for Whey Protein and Nutrition Supplements in India
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Best creatine

I've never seen creatine that mix without leaving any residue. Love this brand

Excellent product

I am very active person at gym. I train hard so thks supplement is must have.I have been using this from long time. So far no issues which i have faced in other brands. Issues like foul smell and irritating burp nothing i have faced.this product is super smooth and very easy on stomach. Love to continue this product. Keep up the good work muscle nectar

100% Whey Protein Blend with Digestive Enzymes

Great product and cost effective.

Great purchase

This is the purest omega 3 capsule in market

100% Whey Protein Blend with Digestive Enzymes

Double Strength Purified Omega 3 Fish Oil 2000mg, 1000mg EPA/DHA

Best bargain price for triple strength Omega 3 oil

No other brand of triple strength purified Omega 3 fish oil is sold at such a low price and with chemical analyst certified safety certification. This product also contains other useful nutrients like vitamin E, D3 and K that too in complete RDA quantities. This is the best bargain online in this product range!

Good product from house of MN

It's very good product. I am using it for last 15 days. Result is good. Must Buying product.

Okay Only

Previously it was very Nice, but this time expectation not met.

Very effective and great quality

So yummy

Really tasty whey protein with no digestive issues so far.

Tasty chocolatey protein

In my personal opinion i love the protein and i used with oat mean and it taste like I'm eating a dairrry milk chocolate oat meal, happy with the purchase recommend other to give it a try and totally faith in the brand authentication.

Pretty good but pricing could be better

The raw whey protein is of top quality, has good mixibility and phenomenal packaging. I bought it during a sale and got it for under 1500rs which makes it a very good deal. Currently it costs about 1620 with discounts, and that can be a deal breaker for people like me who choose raw whey because it's the cheapest. If it ever comes back under 1500, I'll buy two in a heartbeat but with current pricing, it's a bit expensive.

100% Whey Protein Blend with Digestive Enzymes

Pure L - Glutamine
Abhishek Singh
Good product from house of MN

I am using this product since last 30 days. On this basis I can say this is the good product from MN. Works well and helpful in recovery. If you are a beginner or starting your workout after a break then it is highly recommend. A little bit problem with this product is that the taste of whay protein powder has been changed when you mix it. Otherwise it is recommended product.


Chocolate flavour

Chocolate flavour is not good it taste bitter, otherwise mango and dutch chocolate are best, please improve chocolate flavour for sweetness

100% Isolate Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes

Triple Strength Purified Omega 3 Fish Oil 2500mg, 1500mg EPA/DHA

100% Whey Protein Blend with Digestive Enzymes

Triple Strength Purified Omega 3 Fish Oil 2500mg, 1500mg EPA/DHA

Best Taste Best Mixing Capabilities

This brand solves almost all the problems of other branded Whey Protein.

And the biggest advantage is it contains no maldextorine, and other such harmful chemicals.