100% Isolate Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes

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Muscle Nectar (MN) 100% Isolate Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes is a premium protein shake. It has been specifically designed to work with almost any fitness or body goal as its high in protein. It is ultra pure and made with the very finest protein source.

✅ 100% WHEY PROTEIN (MANUFACTURED IN THE USA) - Muscle Nectar (MN) Whey Protein Uses Fast Absorbing Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate Imported from USA, 26g Protein Per Serving Leads to Faster Muscle Gain and Recovery.
✅ NO COLOUR - Muscle Nectar Whey Protein does not contain any COLOUR or PRESERVATIVES.
✅ Digestive Enzymes for Better Absorption and Leads to Faster Recovery.
✅ HIGH BCAA - Each serving delivers over 5.5 grams of Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Each serving provides 4.46 grams of Glutamic Acid.
✅ NO ADDED SUGAR & SOY PROTEIN - Muscle Nectar Whey Protein does not Contain any Added SUGAR or SOY PROTEIN.

Customer Reviews

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Product is good, but cookies and cream flavour is worse !! How I am going to finish 60 servings

I have tried different flavours of MN for Isolate Whey P, but cookies and cream is worse. After taste in mouth is also bad. I regret ordering this flavour, I guess Ductch chocolate is best.

No other complain, MN is really good. Also, If you guys can also provide Jars it will become convenient to store them, and pls provide some perks or gifts to returning users or regular users of MN.

Good .quality of product test is great

Nothing to say .......... Because .. all is well

poor packaging

Protein quality is amazing but please work on your packaging
Please charge 100rs extra but please give protein in good packaging because there was a cut and protein was spilling out

Taste, digestion and effectiveness

Taste : Excellent. Not so sweet, perfectly balanced. I have tried chocolate, cookies n cream, mango and vanilla so far. Mango is best no doubt.
Digestion : Being a regular consumer, Digestion is very important. Else it will leads to bloating. I haven't faced any bloating issue with MN Isolate whey protein.
Effectiveness : it had helped me in recovery to a great extend. I feel less sore even after a heavy workout.

It’s really good

My review and unboxing of this product