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Collagen: A wonder to behold

Have you ever wondered how you can cease your skin from aging. You may have figured out that expensive creams may not be an ideal solution.

Then what is it?

The answer could very well be Collagen

What is Collagen?
Collagen is what the skin and almost all the connective tissues in our bodies is made of. It is a whopping mix of 19 different amino acids! That’s why some people refer it to as a complex protein. 70-80% of the skin is made out of collagen. It is also found in our joints, tendons, connective tissue, cartilage and ligaments.

The amount of collagen somebody possesses is often a measure of the quality of his life. We can think of the collagen as the fevicol for our body that keeps the skin elasticity and suppleness in check. It also holds the tissues , ligaments and joints together.



Where can you get Collagen from?
Almost the type of berries, carrots, tomato, garlic and Oyster are all excellent sources for collagen.

Why you should consider a adding collagen to your diet?
The inevitable truth is that we are all aging. Even if that's a truth we are ok to live with; the pollution in our environment takes a toll on our skin.
To prevent the early onset of ageing, the right diet is needed. 

As we age, so does our food requirements.
To maintain that glow in our skin in the after years of our lives including collagen in our diets is a must!

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