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Bernadette Dropped 19kgs!

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Why did you decide to transform ?
After getting married and being a mother, usually most of the women's put on weight. I was going through the same phase;  but then I always believed in being healthy that too in a proper way - fit and fine. I was not able to run and was getting tired very soon, like everyone even I used to love dressing up and look good but because of the weight that was put on it was making me look too fat and this was demoralizing me. That was the moment when I decided that No I don't want to be like others and carry that weight. I will prove that moms can also be fit and fine and called up as fit moms,  this made me transform.

How did you accomplish your Goals?
If you bear in mind you have around too many thoughts running through your head every single minute, it’s not hard to imagine why you end up getting your goals all muddled or completely forgetting them.


"Set goals that motivates you. When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you. It’s worth it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be, just need to focused."

What aspect challenged you the most ?
The main aspects was to stay focused on my target and that was to be fit and in shape. It was not at all easy, I had many roles to play - a wife, a mother, daughter in law, an employee and to deal with the pressure of managing all the roles and still stay focused on the target.

How Did You Improve Your Diet?
As I had made up my mind of coming back into shape, I initially spoke to my trainer regarding the same and likewise started following the diet. I had to strictly follow the diet to see the output and trust me it was not at all easy. I had to ignore hell lot of things that I loved the most, I even avoided outings with friends and colleagues so that I don't get tempted to eat and get distracted from my goal but it was worth it when I saw the results. I can only say, you seriously need to have a strong resistance power and control and also need to be focused. This works purely on your dedication level.

How did things change?
We are humans and we tend to expect a lot with less efforts but this was not something that would change so soon. Even a character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering. Things did change but it took it's time and taught many lessons during this phase.

What Training Plan Kept You On Track?
Training plan was one of the important task for me to clarify and focus my fitness goals. Understanding the fact that once we enter the gym, it's the trainer who decides as what workout we will be working on. Also keeping a track  on sleep, meals, overall energy levels & health is equally important so as to gain a better understanding of exercise habits that will help us in troubleshooting and make the necessary changes that are required. So it's better to plan and divide the workouts with different days and to follow the track of getting near to the target set. Likewise keeping a track helps in getting the results of everything that you plan either it's strength or the cardio.

Where Will You Take Your Fitness Next?
Well I have already started taking it from fat to not so fat, then to average and now working on to get to the perfect figure goal. Most people think of exercise as a way to lose weight and stay in shape but there is just so much more to it. Our body is capable of doing so many things and of course we aren’t a professional athletes who has a bevy of trainers and coaches around us all the time. But they are ways which can improve the fitness capabilities. The word fitness is rapidly changing and I have to keep myself upgraded for it. Initialy, it was doing cardio on different days and resistance training on other but now things have changed and I will be targeting both of them together trying to do metcons as often as possible and try to complete the work out in a specific time cap given to me. I don't want to keep any stone uncovered. I will try anything that challenges me.


What Advice Do You Have For Aspiring Transformers?
Nothing comes easily, you must be committed to your workouts and diet plan. No matter what is the situation,  the easiest way to do is by getting engrossed into your passion, which means training to improve your skills and not checking your weights again and again. You need to be focused to your training and enjoy what you are doing.

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