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100% Whey Protein Blend with Digestive Enzymes

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Muscle Nectar 100% Whey Protein Blend with Digestive Enzymes is a delicious whey protein shake - ideal for beginners, experienced gym goers, men and women, of all ages. With an excellent amino acid profile, MN Whey Protein is appropriate for building muscle or simply as a way of getting more protein into your diet. Formulated with the finest whey protein which delivers 24g of protein in every shake. It also comes in a range of insane tasting flavours

✅ 100% WHEY PROTEIN - Muscle Nectar (MN) Whey Protein Uses Fast Absorbing Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate. 24g Protein Per Serving Leads to Faster Muscle Gain and Recovery.
✅ NO COLOUR - Muscle Nectar Whey Protein does not contain any COLOUR or PRESERVATIVES.
✅ Digestive Enzymes for Better Absorption and Leads to Faster Recovery.
✅ HIGH BCAA - Each serving delivers over 5 grams of Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Each serving provides 3.97 grams of Glutamic Acid.
✅ NO ADDED SUGAR & SOY PROTEIN - Muscle Nectar Whey Protein does not Contain any Added SUGAR or SOY PROTEIN.

Customer Reviews

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Pranav Sharma

It is very gud and easy to digest

Harsh Gaur
An average product

I am writing this review after using MN Whey Protein Mango flavour for 10 days. Honestly I think my expectations were too high considering the fact that a lot of Youtubers promote this brand but it fell short, it deserve 3.5 but don't have that option. Let's have a look

Taste - Didn't like the taste really, I always recognise Mango with Safeda, so if you are someone who like Safeda Mango this product is not for you. Taste like Parle Mango bite. One good thing is that there is absolutely no chemical after taste.

Mixability - Amazing mixability, mixes instantly like within 10-15 seconds and no lumps at all however lot of froth with water, which I really really hate so I let the froth to settle down before consuming.

Results and recovery - Recovery is fine, pretty much like any other protein I have used in the past. You may observe a little bloating for the first 7 8 days if you are switching from a blend i.e. Concentrate, Isolate blend otherwise results are fine.

I only purchased it cause it was available in 4Kgs (received 2 bags of 2 kgs though which is good 🙂) and when you purchase in bulk you mostly save some money.

Overall 3.5 for Mango flavoured MN Whey Protein.

Great Package But The Flavours Are Inconsistent

My dad is a diabetic and a vegetarian so he needs whey to fulfill his protein requirement of the day and also to prevent any further muscle atrophy
He was pleased with the chocolate flavour and then we decided to order the cookies and cream and I have to say it hasn't lived up to the mark

It is too sweet for his liking and has a caramel like aftertaste
Hoping the team improves the flavour inconsistency!!

Himanish Himanish
Good quality

The quality of the whey is good
I tried mango flavour and my suggestion is this that they should enhance the flavour otherwise all things are good package price quality all good.

Robin Negi
Amazing protein with a light taste

Quality protein with amazing taste