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Marine Collagen Protein

Elixir for Skin
For Joint Health
No Sugar Added
Soy Free
Gluten Free
No Colour or Preservatives
Antibiotic & Heavy Metals Free

Rs. 1,399.00 Rs. 2,499.00

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We bring to you the finest Marine Collagen Protein supplement for your skin, hair, nails, joints & more. Collagen is the major structural protein present in our body. About 25% to 35% of the whole body’s protein consists of collagen. Up to 70% of the Protein in connective tissues is composed of Collagen. Collagen is fibrous in nature. It connects and supports other body tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles and cartilage and is also present in blood vessels, gut and vertebral discs. Collagen is composed of three amino acids chain bonded together into a tight triple helix. Each chain is over 1400 amino acids long. Every third of amino acid is Glycine. Many of the remaining positions in the chain are filled by Proline and hydroxyproline. Average molecular weight of Collagen is around 300,000 Daltons. But Our Collagen is Superior Quality and Molecular weight is very low as compare to other, other source collagen.
✅ Collagen combines tightly calcium of material for bone and strengthens it.
✅ Almost all gums are made of collagen giving elasticity to gums and supporting teeth.
✅ Collagen supports the dermis located inside of the skin, and plays the role of the pillar keeping skin’s firmness and elasticity.
✅ Cover joint part touching with bone and bone, and hall of cartilage playing the role of the cushion is collagen.
✅ Collagen peptide strengthens hair and increases the diameter of individual hairs, giving hair an overall fuller and lustrous appearances.
✅ Strengthens blood vessels and improves their elasticity.
✅ Collagen fortifies your blood vessels to improve circulation throughout the body. Blood and nutrients are delivered to your skin, resulting in healthy, radiant and youthful-looking skin.
✅ Collagen is contained at the Tip of the nail to make supple and lustrous nails.


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
reetu Desai
its really too good , so iffective i am very impressed,

skin become so soft and also hair, just love this product i am very impress

Hima N
Works wonders

This powder doesn�t dissolve right away. Has to be stirred/whipped into my coffee. The benefits that my skin, hair and nails saw, was truly amazing! My nails are normally brittle and break as soon as they start to grow. After taking this daily, my nails are healthy, strong, and grow very quickly!

Pooja Singh
Good stuff!

This is awesome. Great price point. My skin feels so soft!!!

Mandip singh
Second Time Purchasing, Collagen unflavoured

I love this collagen and this is my 2nd time purchasing it. I put one scoop in my coffee every morning, and it is flavorless, odorless, and dissolves quickly. Although I purchased primarily to help with my joints (3 time ankle surgery issues), I've noticed that not only is my ankle less painful, but my skin is smoother and hair and nails seem to be growing faster. I've tried using gelatin powder before, but unfortunately had a hystamine-type reaction to it after several weeks. This collagen, however, does not seem to bother me. Will be purchasing again when this runs out. :)

Veda S
Veg source of collagen is a myth. Marine Collagen thumbs up

Earlier I was taking collagen builder ( veg source) but I didn't find any result. Afterwards I saw Dr. Education video on Youtube and I really got a good information about collagen. After his recomendation I started using muscle nectar collagen and I got a good result in 2-3 months. I really recommmend this.