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BCAA + Glutamine

No Sugar Added
No Colour or Preservatives
100% Vegetarian

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BCAA + GLUTAMINE contains a market leading potent blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids in the optimal ratio of 2:1:1. Known as the building blocks of protein, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine have been scientifically formulated to provide a balanced ratio with Glutamine & Electrolyte Blend . Our BCAA supplement is ideal for anybody with lean muscle, mass and power or even dieting goals. We recommend combining with a regular training programme and balanced diet.
✅ BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACID SUPPLEMENT - MuscleNectar (MN) BCAA provides optimum ratio of L- Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in 2:1:1 with Glutamine. It boost muscle growth and reduces protein catabolism.
✅ MUSCLE RECOVERY AND REPAIR - MuscleNectar (MN) BCAA is used as fuel by muscle fibre during heavy workouts (Bodybuilding, CrossFit or Weight lifting) to reduce fatigue, muscle breakdown and maintain lean muscle mass.
✅ NO ADDED SUGAR OR COLOUR - MuscleNectar (MN) BCAA contains no added sugar & colour for calorie conscious to eliminate extra calories from diet.
✅ POST WORKOUT RECOVERY - The optimum ratio of L- Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine and L-Glutamine and quick absorption of MuscleNectar BCAA results in reducing protein breakdown and improves performance, workout for longer duration.
✅ INSTANT MIX/ INSTANTIZED FORMULA - MuscleNectar (MN) BCAA can be mixed and consumed with your sports juices or water during workout.

Customer Reviews

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Ashok Pandey
Superb taste & Quality

Literally Its taste and quality are very good, it is a high rate thing in low budget. Over-all good results.

Ashok Pandey
Superb taste & quality

Its taste and quality are very good, it is a high rate thing in low budget.

Shubh Goyal

I am not getting my order.

Firdaus Photographer
Great product

Great product! Excellent results!!!

Love the flavours

I accidentally saw the brand and ordered Green apple just to check the quality, taste and smell. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the stuff. I immediately ordered Black Currant.. tastes absolutely great with chilled water.
I've also ordered GreenMango and Pineapple. It's an ideal summer drink with chilled water or club soda. Cheers.